Oct. 13th, 2012

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I don't think I can really believe that architecture other than on a human scale can be truly beautiful. It seems to me that any kind of building which doesn't relate to the form and size of the body is just a representation of tyranny and vanity. Even one of my favourite large buildings, Lincoln Cathedral, is saved only by the profoundly human St Hugh's Choir at its centre, with the rest of the building as a kind of sarcophagous for it, like the building around the Mary Rose.

This is one of the most amazing buildings which I've visited in the past few years. I think it would have been a more worthy winner of the Stirling Prize.

Things are very odd at the moment in terms of political culture, entertainment &c, very discombobulated and fin de siecle. If you didn't watch this week's HIGNFY, I really think it's worth it, not because of its comic value, but it's very odd atmosphere -- I think a turning point in political life. There's definitely a twenty-first century thing going on here, which makes everything seem a little strange. The roles of sincerity and parody between the governors and the governed seem to have flipped.


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