Aug. 1st, 2012

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Depressing that the media need a drug story so bad that they'll leap on an interpretation of half a sentence uttered by a man in the midst of a defeat about someone who tested negative for drugs and spend many minutes on the national news about it.

I don't blame the coach guy for saying it. I guess he was being honest about what he was wondering: that's up to him and whether it's reasonable in a kind of Bayesian sense doesn't really matter (and I don't know) because it's understandable why he thought and said it, and it makes sense to stand. He's clearly no monster himself. People have often said ungracious things in defeat, even coaches, and voicing an opinion which you honestly hold can often be a bad or inappropriate idea, but I think it's probably quite low down in the list of life's misdemeanors.

The poor girl has just swum the races of her life and it's being soured. I'm happy to congratulate her on her work, and maybe I'll be disappointed, but it's stupid to turn ourselves into the kind of societies which prepuncture all our balloons for the anxious fear, -- on the sight of their taught skin, -- that they might one day accidentally pop and so spread misery in the world.

Yet again, the news agenda even of "quality" outlets (which presumably saw a narrative here and ran with it) is making the world a worse place by taking the understandable acts of people in the midst of being alive and searching for a map, no matter how tentative, onto the Rolling News Big Book Of How Things Might Become Awful. If there is insufficient news today it would be better that journalists put on a little light music than go around miserablising our country.
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Maybe the least interesting poll ever posted on Dreamwidth, :-). Bear with me, m'dears!

Poll #11330 O, India...
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...what has become of you?

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poor synchrony on establishing grid interconnects
1 (16.7%)

tuned-circuit resonance
1 (16.7%)

near-simultaneous loss of generating sets
1 (16.7%)

hacking of embedded controllers at inverter stations at DC grid interconnects
1 (16.7%)

almost disjoint subgrids leading to emergent large scale effects
1 (16.7%)

excessive load at large consumers
0 (0.0%)

supply/demand mismanagement / poor frequency control
1 (16.7%)

grid faults (loss of oil, cracked insulators, flashover at substations, etc)
1 (16.7%)

high-capacity unathorized grid interconnects
0 (0.0%)

bad firmware / incompetent staff performing power-transfer management at DC-interconnects
0 (0.0%)

phase imbalance / asymmetric faults
1 (16.7%)

failed frequency-managed load shedding at large consumers (coldstores etc)
1 (16.7%)

economists (power trading, enron, etc)
2 (33.3%)

politicians (intrigues, separatism, etc)
2 (33.3%)

klingons on the starboard bow
4 (66.7%)


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