Jun. 1st, 2012

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Post-Chernobyl disaster sheep controls lifted on last UK farms

I, for one, welcome our new Post-Chernobyl DisasterSheep overlords.

I imagine they're kind of like Shawn the Sheep but in a giant robot sheep, roaming a post-apocalyptic wasteland, idly nibbling at cars; gamboling giant robot lambs causing earthquakes as they bounce across a city; ram-raiding rams; in epic clashes with giant mutant dinosaurs; floating above Battersea Power-Station playing Little Fluffy Clouds through distorting sub-woofing tannoys.
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Heard this on 3 a few weeks ago and made a note to remember the title, Popcorn Superhet Receiver, but hadn't realised it was by good ole Jonny Greenwood of Radiohead fame (a performance available in full on MySpace).

Since discovering my music player keeps stats, I've been finding out lots of curious things. Over the years I've slowly migrated to listening to her demo tape more than any of her released albums particularly the demo-tape versions of Disbelieving Angel, Queen Eddie, and Violin. Thanks, in no small part to the beneficence of the wonderful Cris, and various greenback-fueled binges around Berkeley's record stores, I've got quite a collection of obscure Kate now. I always laughed at people who say that albums weren't as good as their demo tape and I wouldn't go nearly as far as that, not even that I prefer it, just that I listen to it and think of it more. And unpolished and unplugged music in general. On which note, I think this is probably the best version of Wish You Were Here I've heard.

Weirdly, amazon try to sell me the Wish You Were Here album for twice the price of Dark Side Of The Moon. While I'd agree with that in terms of relative merit, I didn't think it was how it played out commercially?


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