May. 17th, 2012


May. 17th, 2012 12:03 am
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Tiredness Kills

Made out of leftover shapes from other inkscape files from other projects.
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There's a little hut in Cambridge opposite where Woolworths once was, where old men with DTs sat, deftly rolling cigarettes, while lanky fellows with obscure faces dealt drugs in from a traditional red phone box. Men claiming South American heritage would arrive later and play pan-pipes in ponchos on the corner. You could sit in Woolworths' first floor cafe eating a full English breakfast and watch it all going on.

That little hut, sheltering those delicate livers is called the Holy Trinity War Memorial Shelter, which always stuck me as quite grand. Memorials are grand, and those to war particularly so. But this is no ordinary war memorial, it's the Holy Trinity war memorial, for goodness sake.

From its name, I don't know whether it's best seen as a memorial to the defeat of Lucifer's rebellion, or else as a shelter from an imminent eschaton. Perhaps, like humanity through a Calvinist's eye, it's a mixture of both.

But it's seriously lacking in umph either way.

So I'm pleased to see it's being rennovated. Like Chernobyl's sarcophagous, the council has sheltered the shelter in its own shelter, made of plyboard and nails. I fully expect something to emerge, in time, of an appropriate scale to commemorate and protect from metaphysical warfare: something like NORAD styled by Bernini; a cross between The Ecstasy of Saint Theresa and Buffalo City Court.
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Sad to hear Donna Summer has died: hers was definitely the best version of MacArthur Park and the one I always hear in my head when I have it as an earworm (sorry, Richard Harris!). youtube. I realise that it's not to everyone's taste (and lnr not enjoying it last time I linked!) but I quite enjoy it, :-).

But never trust the musical opinion of someone with a playlist which segues from Merzbow to Glen Campbell.


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