Mar. 8th, 2012

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I love Wikipedia sometimes, the way it picks out all the bits of real life that are weirder than fiction.

Just now I was reading about Happy Chandler and Ruby Laffoon who sound like a film comedy double act and, in a weird way, they were (apart for the poor folk in Kentucky), maybe an Ealing comedy.

Ruby Laffoon was once governor of Kentucky, and Happy Chandler was his deputy. But because of an odd quirk of Kentucky constitution, they were of different parties (having been elected at different times). To make this fun, the constitution of Kentucky said that whenever Ruby Laffoon wasn't in Kentucky then Happy Chandler was in charge, so ole Happy would quickly pass laws which altered what Ruby Laffoon intended before Rube could rush back to set his feet on native soil and become in charge again.

It seems that a big part of Ruby Laffoon becoming governor of Kentucky (which he used for ends such as elevating a certain chicken-boiler called Sanders to the rank of Colonel) was being the nephew of the equally wonderfully named Polk Laffoon.

Happy Chandler, meanwhile, was a Knight Templar and The Commissioner of Baseball, a wonderfully imperial title suggesting that ball games are created singly and maybe capriciously at the bequest and design of powerful baseball aficionados for their own personal pleasure.

(Sadly, it seems Thelma Stovall's repetition of the trick of bagsie-ing the entire legislature while her superior wasn't home led to the vetoeing of lots of equal rights legislation before her superior could get home from a business trip, and touch his foot on Kentucky soil).

Luckily, probably, for the people of Kentucky they seem to have repealed all this nonsense in 1992. But I still think there's an Ealing Comedy in there somewhere.
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First one to recognise the sketch of this famous film still (other than by cheating!) still gets boundless Kudos.



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