Jan. 14th, 2012

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Straw Bear was fun again. Gog Magog, Black Pig and Pig Dyke Mollies were as excellent as ever; Chiltern Hundreds clog was amazingly intricate, and Midwinter Mummers were fun. Missed The Witchmen (who are good), though I saw them around: they're usually good. Lots of good teams I didn't recognise too.

The A14 was closed today so we went there via Ely and Chatteris and accidentally via Ramsey Forty Foot, which is a much more beautiful way.

I'll have to go to Whittlesea on another day, too, it looks like a nice little town to spend a night over in with good walks. Apparently many of the pubs take half their annual takings during Straw Bear which explains why there are so many (that and the way there's not much else to do in the evening). I'll have to find out why Whittlesea is so obsessed with the Battle of Aliwal, in far off Punjab: I spotted an Aliwal Road, Manor and Pub.

I was looking forward to Straw Bear to get me through Chirstmas!

Interesting the way we relax: L is more into books and films than me, and I'm more into music and dance, and we both like pictures. All small, relative biases.


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